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To promote the Belgian hop, the logo 'Belgian Hop' was developed and launched in September 2011, following the TV docuseries of 'Tournée générale'. Breweries who use at least half Belgian hops are allowed to put that logo on their beer label.
The list of breweries is growing every year. At the moment of this writing, there's already 64 breweries making use of the logo. That is in total 230 different beers. Last year a new logo was developed for breweries making exclusive use of Belgian hops. Those who wish to use the golden logo need to make officially acknowledge that the beer is brewed with one hundred percent Belgian hops.

About fifteen breweries already responded to the call from the HOP association to request the gold logo together for about thirty beers. The Hop Hanker of the Brewery d'Oude Maalerij owned by Jef Pirens in Izegem is the first beer to receive the golden logo. The brewery wants to develop thirty new beers in six years, under the project name 'Homo Beerectus'.

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UNESCO recognizes the Belgian "beer culture" as an intangible world cultural heritage.


Belgian beers have now the same status as the Holy Blood Procession in Bruges, the carnival of Binche, the processional giants, the art of falconry, the Carnival of Aalst, the 'Jaartallenleven' in Leuven, the Houtem annual fair, the Krakeling Fest, the Tonnekebrand in Geraardsbergen and the horseback shrimp fishing in Oostduinkerke.

"The recognition by UNESCO is an important moral boost for the beer culture in our country and a reward for anyone who is committed to keeping alive this rich culture," says Flemish Minister of Culture Sven Gatz (Open VLD), who resigned in 2014 as director of the Union of Belgian Brewers to go back in politics.

The three communities of Belgium had filed in April 2014 a case to UNESCO to add the beer culture to the list of intangible cultural heritage. "Belgium has nearly 1,500 beers and features the largest selection of authentic local and typical beers in the world", claimed the three community governments.

The beer culture has been locally recognized as intangible heritage in the three communities.

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Maxime Dumay and Manuel Mengonii chose the name of their new brewery. "We're passionate amateur brewers, not scientists."

The micro brewery is located in a workshop of 120 square meters on the site of Tour & Taxis, close to the Yser metro station. The first liters of their first beer "Noisy" can be savoured in different brewpubs in the municipalities of Brussels Forest, Saint-Gilles and Brussels City. And there's more to come.No-Science is currently working on a table beer of 3.5% "Psycho" and a 'massive toasted black ale' called "Heavy".

Starting next year, the brewery can produce 600 hectoliters of beer, with a maximum of 800 hectoliters.

No. Science is the third brewery opening in Brussels in just over a year after LE STOEMELINGS in the Marolles and Brussels Beer Project in the Antoine Dansaert street.

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"Beer is too expensive. We want cheap lager for students. "

That was last year's message from Beer Protest, an action group of Ghent students. A year later they get their homerun. Cheaper beer for 10.000 students across Flanders is the result. The idea to get cheaper beer rose as a playful experiment by some Ghent students. A possible solution was a group purchase. Nowadays popular for the purchase of solar panels and electricity, why not for beer.

Jens Corijn, founder of the protest group and student in Business Administration at Ghent University, launched the idea last year. It became an instant hit: 4500 students registered.

With that amount of registrars, Jens and Co went to negotiate with the big brands in the beer industry. This resulted in a cooperation with Carrefour supermarket. Students who enroll on the Bier Protest website receive a 25 percent discount on the full range of beers from Carrefour. This translates in a 5 euro cheque for 20 euro spent. Students (and not only students) who want a chance of cheaper beer, must be fast.

. More information: www.bierprotest.be